Azonto – What it is All About

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Azonto – What is All About

Azonto really trend in year 2013, though it became popular after two hip hop artistes sing a song about it, FUSE ODG and Nigerian International artiste Wizkid Ayo Balogun.

Azonto dance really trend for more than 6 months and at the same time and the same time can be dance in other hip hop music genres.

Azonto simply means whore, wayward girls, slut, it originated from the word “Abontoa” which is ugly looking girl, since when it was used as a slong in songs and followed with a dance moves, it then lost its meaning.

The song released by the two artistes was actually a freestyle and it was as big as Yahooze dances moves in Nigeria.

Here are the link to Download Azonto Song

DOWNLOAD Fuse ODG FT. Tiffany – Azonto (Ghanian Artistes)

DOWNLOAD WIZKID – Azonto (Nigerian Artiste)


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